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Sports Performance

Cooperative Performance & Rehabilitation offers programs geared toward improving your overall performance. These are cash based programs that are not billed to insurance. If you have an actual injury, our administrative team will get you set up as a rehabilitation patient.


RunWell is a sport-specific performance program designed to meet the needs of runners regardless of age, experience, or level of competition. While our physical therapists are passionate about helping runners return to run following injury, we also know the benefits of optimizing strength, mobility, and running mechanics for injury prevention, performance enhancement, and longevity in sport. The purpose of RunWell is to help you identify areas to address, and work with you to develop a plan specific to your running goals.


Who are the RunWell PTs?

Rachel Robinson, DPT, PT is the lead therapist developing and treating for our RunWell program


Who can benefit from RunWell?

Anyone who runs to either maintain fitness or to achieve a new personal record in a race can benefit from our RunWell program. Whether you are a new runner wanting to learn about minimizing injury risk, or a seasoned runner seeking to boost performance with an advanced strength program, our physical therapists will be able to provide expert recommendations for you.


What does a RunWell evaluation look like?

During a RunWell examination, your physical therapist will:

  • Conduct an interview of your complete history, including level of experience, training and racing history, and injuries sustained.

  • Ask about your running-related goals - what do you want to get out of this program?

  • Complete a comprehensive video running gait analysis augmented by RunScribe sensors.

  • Perform a detailed physical examination of your posture, footwear/orthoses, strength, joint range of motion, flexibility, balance, and coordination.

We will conduct the examination over two 45-minute sessions. At the second session, we will initiate a personalized plan of care. You will receive a detailed report of your gait analysis and exam findings, including the physical therapist’s assessment of the impact of these findings on running performance and injury risk, and instructions in corrective exercises.

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