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Patient Resources

Cognitive Behavioral Resources

A lot of our patients benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy in conjunction with their outpatient physical therapy. See resources here

Slocum Orthopedics 

We work closely with Slocum Orthopedics as part of the concussion management team in Eugene. We also work closely with their orthopedic population! Check out their team here

Concussion/MTBI Symptom Management

Our therapists teach their patients the "3 Ms" method for managing their concussion symptoms. See that method here

What is Vestibular?

Learn more about vestibular disorders here


Nutrition is an integral part in your everyday health and injury recovery, especially for our athletes and concussion patients. We work closely with nutritionist Shira Evans. Learn more about her and her practice here

Oregon Pain Guidance 

Oregon Pain Guidance offers patient toolkits to better understand your pain. Learn more here


Our therapists are members of the American Physical Therapy Association & the Oregon Physical Therapy Association. Read more here

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