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Concussion/MTBI Rehabilitation

Cooperative Performance & Rehabilitation is a partner of the concussion management team in Eugene, Oregon. We work closely with Slocum Orthopedics (Dr. Koester & Dr. Ryann Watson-Stites) & HEDCO at the University of Oregon to treat patients recovering from head injuries whether that be work, sport, or accident related. 

Concussion Therapy & Treatment

The current evidence supports a multifaceted approach to rehabilitation which is why we work in concert with area sports concussion specialists, athletic trainers, pediatricians, neurologists, neuro-opthalmologists, and cognitive therapists.  Our physical therapists are specially trained in vestibular rehabilitation and sensory integration which allows us to teach patients to control vertigo, dizziness, imbalance, and nausea common in most patients with concussion.



Symptoms can include:

  • Cognitive Difficulty - trouble thinking, feeling slowed down, difficulty concentrating, short/long term memory issues

  • Physical Symptoms - headache, nausea/vomiting, dizziness, imbalance, light/sound sensitivity, abnormal vision, increased fatigue

  • Emotional/Mood - irritability, sadness, higher emotional responses, anxiety 

  • Sleep Disturbance - sleeping more/less than normal, interrupted sleep, trouble falling asleep

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