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At Cooperative Performance  we recognize the hassle of medical insurance and billing and want to make the process as pleasant as we can for our patients.  


Our administrative team members are cross trained in benefit verification and insurance authorizations to assure that all steps in the clean claims process are being followed, start to finish. We have a team of certified billers as well as an onsite Business/Billing Manager, Stacy Ferguson, handling our patient accounts to get claims processed as smoothly as possible and avoid as many headaches as we can for our clients.

What we do 

Our team believes in being transparent with our patients to make sure you are getting the care you deserve without the surprise bills later on. 

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Benefit Verification

We verify your benefits prior to your first visit with us. That way you are aware of your financial responsibility.

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Our team verifies and handles your insurances authorization requirements. If your visit is ever unauthorized, we will notify you prior to your appointment. 

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Online Bill Pay

Each  of our patients has the ability to pay their bill online via the QR code on your paper statement or the link that can be bookmarked after receiving your statement via email. 

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We don't stop at the first claim denial. We work to utilize the benefits you pay for. 

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Our Business Manager has 20+ years experience in medical management/billing. Herself, our billing, and administrative teams are dedicated to making the process as hassle free as possible for our clients.  

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