Sports Performance Center in Eugene, OR

In addition to providing comprehensive physical therapy services, the clinic offers sport-specific training and treatment.  Our clinical staff has experience guiding athletes in a wide variety of sports including running, golf, baseball, football, and equestrian.


We have developed RunWell, a sports performance program designed to meet the needs of all runners regardless of their level of involvement or competition.  Read more


We have treated professional golfers as part of the PGA's Strengthen Your Game program and have experience in dealing with injuries and conditions specific to the sport. Amateur golfers have also benefited from our sport-specific training and treatment.


Our clinicians analyze and help improve the arm and shoulder motions involved in pitching and throwing baseballs. We use the information gathered from our clinical observation of professional and amateur ballplayers to help them perform better and with less risk of injury.  In the event of injury we can diagnose and treat the damage and  suggest ways to avoid recurrent injuries and to speed recovery. Our experience with baseball players helps us treat and train athletes in other throwing sports such as football, basketball,  javelin, discus, and shotput and activities such as flyfishing that can strain the shoulder, arm, wrist, and hand.

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