Orthopedic Rehabilitation in Eugene, OR


At Cooperative Performance & Rehabilitation, we are committed to providing excellent, personalized care for each patient to ensure a successful recovery. Our orthopedic rehabilitation program is designed to help patients recover after injuries and post-surgical problems via various physical therapy exercises and outpatient routine.

Our goal is for our patients to get back to doing what they love.

Our Approach

We understand that finding the right physical therapist and rehabilitation program are essential for recovery. At Cooperative Performance & Rehabilitation, our friendly and professional staff takes your issues to heart and will accompany you on the path to recovery.

Personal touch

No two injuries or patients are alike. Therefore, the orthopedic rehabilitation program at Cooperative Performance & Rehabilitation is based on one-on-one sessions with a personalized treatment plan tailored to each patient. We take the time to understand your condition, listen to your concerns and answer any question you may have.

Patient education

Since we all have busy and active lives, Cooperative Performance & Rehabilitation strives to minimize the amount of time you need to spend in therapy, and provides you with the knowledge and tools to guide your own treatment outside of the clinic. After a comprehensive musculoskeletal and neuromuscular analysis, your physical therapists will develop a customized home exercise program to continue to reinforce the strengths and skills you have acquired during your session.

Treatment & Technology

Our expert physical therapists fuse clinical knowledge of bio-mechanics, neuromuscular control, and physiology with practical experience to treat orthopedic (aka musculoskeletal) injuries.

If you’re wondering what to expect from Cooperative Performance & Rehabilitation’s orthopedic rehabilitation program, here are the primary steps we’ll follow:

  • Intake – We want to understand your health background as much as possible before deciding on a course of action. We gather as much information from your other healthcare providers to gain a holistic perspective on your health. This enables us to provide orthopedic care that aligns with your broader health goals. Filling out the new patient intake also allows us to provide excellent care geared towards your needs during your first visit. To ensure treatment consistency, we will schedule you for multiple appointments to reserve time to work with your therapist.
  • Evaluation – Your Physical Therapist will work with you during your first visit to identify specific problems and underlying conditions. The data they collect will also serve as a baseline to gauge your progress and lead into your rehabilitation plan.
  • Plan – During your evaluation, you and your therapist will design an individualized plan to meet your needs. Often you will see your therapist several times per week and then taper down as you master your home program, which allows you to independently manage your condition.
  • Screening – If you’re unsure whether Cooperative Performance & Rehabilitation’s services are right for your needs, or would like further insights about your issue, a complimentary screening is a wise first step. Our free consultation helps you better understand your problem before moving forward with treatment.

Unfortunately, some more difficult cases will not allow for a full recovery with conservative care alone. When this is the case, our staff can facilitate a referral to an appropriate specialist for further work up and treatment options. Likewise, our lines of communication help us coordinate post-operative rehabilitation with area orthopedic and neurosurgeons.

Our Rehabilitation Team

The team of Orthopedic Certified Specialists at Cooperative Performance & Rehabilitation has advanced skill sets in manual therapy, exercise prescription and patient education – all proven to produce results. Additionally, our team members have active lifestyles themselves so they can identify with how your injury impacts your life and your drive to get back on your feet. We also cooperate with your other health care providers to keep you safe, improve continuity of treatment, and work as part of your overall care.

Meet The Team