Let's work together to get you better!

Working together to get you better.

Cooperative Performance & Rehabilitation provides cutting edge physical therapy and athletic performance training. We specialize in rehabilitation of sports medicine, orthopedic, balance, and vestibular conditions.

We also design customized sports performance enhancement programs to help you achieve your goals with running, baseball, golf, skiing, or any sport. 

Whether improving your game or recovering from injury we feel a partnership between the client, therapist, physician, or other practioners is the first step.  From there our team will employ state of the art knowledge and equipment to help you move forward and achieve your goals.

Physical Therapy and Vestibular/Balance Rehabilitation

We use a variety of methods and equipment to help patients recover from injuries, post-surgical problems, and conditions such as temporary or chronic balance and vestibular disorders.  We house advanced vestibular/balance diagnostic and treatment equipment and recently acquired an ElliptiGo™, the world’s first elliptical bicycle, which provides a running-type workout without the physical impact of running. Read more

Sports Performance

In addition to rehabilitation services we provide sport-specific training programs to help athletes attain greater strength, endurance, and performance. A range of specialty services have been created to improve sports performance in golf and baseball, as well as RunWell, as running performance program. We use a range of examination and testing procedures designed to gauge musculoskeletal mechanical efficiency in regard to muscular balance of strength and flexibility and coordination of movement. We can also develop specialized, intensive workout routines for performance improvement. Read more

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